We are back with sharing amazing creators. Previously known as “Bloggers We Love”, we have expanded the net to highlight creators from all aspects.

We resume the series with YouTuber and fashion creator, Juliah Shilunga. She draws us in with her minimal aesthetic. Clean, simple and casual outfits. She definitely makes our favourites list.


I’m a self taught seamstress and the owner of an online business “Satin Celeste” which sells custom made satin hair bonnets and  pillowcases.

8 Questions for Juliah

1. Describe yourself in three words…

Hardworking, business minded and reserved.

2. Describe your YouTube Channel…

My channel is based on lifestyle, fashion and vlogs which includes occasional travel vlogs as well as showcasing popular places to brunch in Windhoek on a budget.

3. What do you want your followers and viewers to get from it?

I want to portray myself as humanly as possible, so that my followers can get a better view of who I  am beyond Instagram or simply, if there is something they should get from me is my authenticity.

4. What’s your favourite social media app at the moment?

My favorite app at the moment is definitely Instagram because I do believe that’s where I’ve got the biggest audience. It’s also where I make majority of my sales and I connect easily with people on the gram.

5. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Anywhere on a secluded island, white sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees. With a mocktail in one hand and my phone in the other snapping away and capturing memories.

6. What’s your go-to outfit?

My go to outfit is definitely comfortable shorts and baggy tees with socks and sneakers. I normally go with whatever I’m comfortable with which is mostly loose fitting clothing.

7. What are you currently working on?

Sewing and creating content. Building my brand as both a content creator and business woman in the fashion industry.

8. What are your goals as a Namibian digital creator?

I aim to create content that easily resonates with people, for them to see themselves in me and in what I create. To show them just how alike we are, and in turn, this will foster communities of people with the same interest. A community that shows people with the same interest that it’s possible for them too, and simply to enjoy their interests.

I also aim to explore more budget friendly places and bring more exposure for them.

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