Have you ever wondered where the term “Chessing” came from? I didn’t either till today when I sat here looking at my clutch bag. It reminded me of a chess board. So I believe the person who came up with the word was maybe someone dealing with a Queen or someone who holds themselves in high regard.
So when he stepped up to her she was probably like, “Nah, fam!, you’re way out of line. How dare you step up to the Queen? Who gave this pawn courage to try and pontificate for my life?  And then she went home and changed cause you know, your vibe attracts your tribe. And then he was like “why are you chessing?“.
And that’s how I feel when I’m out here Queenin and these pawns wanna come to me like ‘halo miskiet”
So…It’s Friday and my hunger is finally over. I have my red bow on, my check blazer on and I’m running this life game. Running like I wasn’t eating tinned fish just last week. Running like I had put my whole life in rice.  You ask me how I did it? I’m a Queen. I run the chess board.

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