Daddy Good or Daddy Bad?

Soon, we will be celebrating Father’s Day.

What are the traditions you and your family follow?  A big breakfast for Daddy by the kids with the help of Mummy, coupled with a nice pressie?

In my household, these celebrations are NONEXISTENT! I believe in the act of reciprocity.  And I believe in being petty, yep that is me.

Zodiac Selfcare: Water & Earth signs

As our lives begin to feel more fast paced, daily stressors tend to overwhelm our sense of calmness and it is easy to feel slightly or even greatly worn out. Self-care has a lot to do with promoting and maintaining wellness, whether that aspect is mental, physical, social, emotional and or spiritual. It requires you to check in on yourself and really ask yourself “how am I doing today?” and if your answer requires a bit of replenishing, then these self-care rituals by astrologer Constance Stellas might just be for you!

By Hilma. L. Inkono