It’s Wednesday, my favourite day of the week because I only have one lecture that starts at 2 pm!

Note by week I mean Monday to Thursday. Lol. Friday to Sunday are excluded as they’re automatically the days most of us look forward to even on a Monday morning!

So today I decided that I am going to do some window shopping before my lectures start. I love window shopping for one main reason, it prevents me from buying unnecessary clothes. By “unnecessary”, I mean buying a t-shirt that caught your attention in the moment , but after wearing it once you’re like “ Nah fam “ and chuck it at the back of your wardrobe

I love snakes! Only if they got double G’s (GUCCI). And this is evident as I chose Gucci Ace sneakers to be my transportation for the day.  I can’t help but say “I’m good I’m Gucci “as I bump into one of my friends mid window shopping and they ask me how I am. I picked a pair of Dirty Pink vintage denim to compliment my crisp white [ DRIPSET ] tee , creating the perfect silhouette, the Gucci sneakers are definitely there for control ! Like Raf Simons said, the fashion world doesn’t know the word “stop “so you have to make sure there are sublime moments every day.


Exhausted describes how I honestly feel right now, but Friday is almost here so I’m going to soldier on. It’s just a week past month end right now and I’m fighting with my inner self that has decided to turn this window shopping session into an actual shopping session. After minutes of self-debate I’m proud of myself, I’ve overcome temptation. But I’ve spotted a pair of GSTAR-RAW jeans that I might just come back for if I work out my budget right, quality male clothing is expensive. I have a feeling women will come at me talking about how quality make up is also very expensive, which is a fair point honestly, so I’ll low-key withdraw my statement ladies.

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