Windhoek residents and hopefully outsiders saw fashion models in exquisite garments flourishing down the runway during fashion week, but they rarely got a glimpse of the planning and time behind the show.

Model: Varaa Hambira Photography: Generation Genesis

Fashion week is of utmost importance to industry players like photographers, designers, makeup artists, jewellery makers, hairstylist and many more, making a positive turn on the economy and giving a spotlight to the industry players. This is also a time of the year where fashionistas can showcase their work, but marketing and executing a successful fashion week includes having to have teamwork and media coverage.

Windhoek  Fashion Week(WFW) is all about promoting local products to a targeted audience and conveying recent fashion trends. It’s important to realize nothing is constant in the fashion industry and designs and styles keep changing and as consumer attending WFW, you get a glimpse of the new fashion, hairstyles, makeup and many more, for the upcoming season.

Here is why we think WFW a masterpiece this year

Producing clothing is not easy and not cheap

Designers worked hard and manufacturing their garments took time and money. Every clothing piece on the runway sought the attention of one happy buyer or fashion idea. It only takes one to light a fire but a team to make a bonfire, so, well done to all the designers who showcased.

Fashion Designer:  Maison de Rouge

Each country has its own culture and fashion trend

We do not need to follow fashion trends that society creates, each fashion trend is unique and different targeting different consumers and with the diversity, we saw on the runway of designers from South Africa, Zambia, Angola and many more, we felt united.


MUD brought all kinds of fire on the runway. The look they created was so cohesive and pleasing to watching. Mesmerized isn’t the word we are looking for here magical… yes, magical is the right word.  The models were beat in glow galore ad that’s all there is to say about it, *drops mic.



Securing sponsors will always be a nightmare in the fashion industry, but where there is a will there is a way. The WFW team managed o get Mearua Mall to sponsor their venue. We were in a parking lot on the 3rd floor and just like any other fashion week out there in the world right now, parking lots have always done it for us at Monochrome. The raw structure complemented the attendees, the models, designers, influences, photographers and the journalist to name a few. Kudos to Mearua Mall management for stepping and assisting in that regard.

Photography: Flamboyant Photography

Castle Light was on sight and ready to unlock our extra coolness. Marigold Hotel for the fashion talk and the official opening party.

This is the fourth year Windhoek Fashion Week is hosted and every year the team brings their best feet forward and make a gigantic footprint in the fashion industry. They brought it all and gave us a vast list of designers who showcased from across the African continent in categories of emerging, student and seasoned designers. This is was indeed a wonderful occasion for the industry players, one not to forget.

Photography:  Tara M. Photo

Congratulations and well-done WFW team.

Until WFW2020!


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