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September is career month! It’s such a coincidence that this month, the leading Etiquette and Protocol School – Washington School of Protocol declared 7th September 2018 to be the “Bring Your Manners to Work” Day. According to their website, this was a day to remind people of the importance of treating people with courtesy and respect in the workplace. Let’s extend that day to a whole month as we tackle the issue of open plan offices!

Holding on to sanity

What do you do when you had a busy week, filled with deadlines and early mornings, constant ups and downs, barely enough time to catch your breath or soak in the silence around you?  Most of us term this scenario as “going through life” or simply “having a hectic week”, but how often do we consider the effect this has on our sanity.

-Rena Stephanus

Inner beauty: The Power of Common Courtesies

Beauty! What a misnomer. The word has managed to build a multi-billion industry with a particular focus on the beauty that any naked eye can see i.e. external beauty.  The industry has everything and anything your money can buy to fit your description of beauty. In the era of the Kardashians, fuller lips, bigger butts, smaller waists and bleached straight hair seem to be the trend. We go out of the way to try and paint the picture that we have beauty through makeup, fancy and/or trendy clothes and for some even through plastic surgery. In essence, directly or indirectly, we are made to believe that our identity is centred on our physical appearance.

The new beginning I’m most proud of by Nelao Hamunime

There a lot of people out there who regret their career choice. Whether they were forced into it by their parents or they felt it was perfect at the time, dedicating four years and a whole lot of money for a degree you don’t even want anymore will surely leave you in a deep pit of regret. But what if you realised this early? What if you know right now that that is not the path you want to be in? Career or personal? Will you make that change?

Nelao Hamunime, a Manager in the Advisory Department at an audit firm, shares her story on how she made the change she is most proud of today.