What do you do when you had a busy week, filled with deadlines and early mornings, constant ups and downs, barely enough time to catch your breath or soak in the silence around you?  Most of us term this scenario as “going through life” or simply “having a hectic week”, but how often do we consider the effect this has on our sanity.

-Rena Stephanus

As we grow older, our responsibilities mount a striking equilibrium between work life, social life and me time.  This causes a strain on us,  especially when we face short comings in any of these areas.

In today’s society everyone portrays to have their lives in order,  chasing after their best lives when in fact most people are barely coping with the pressures of life as they come. This pressure results in irrational behaviour and in turn threatens our sanity.

Sanity can be defined as the ability to think and behave normal and rational manner: sound mental health. The challenges and struggles of life, particularly in recent times can leave one exhausted and feeling outside of character, making us all understand Britney Spears’ break down.

The mind is one of the most powerful organs you possess, it constitutes your being. Scientology defines the mind as the communication and control system between the thetan (authentic spiritual identity of an individual, the human soul). Once the communication between your mind and control system is not as strong or frequent due to applied stresses or exhaustion, maintaining a great state of mind seems rather far-fetch.

Upholding a great state of mind is something that every human being aims to sustain when experiencing matters that temper with our sanity. Many people resort to various coping mechanisms which help them keep their sanity.

How do you keep sane?  Here are a few Mono ideas for healthy coping mechanisms that you could try and incorporate in your daily schedule:


  • Taking a walk
  • Listening to Music
  • Meditation
  • Drawing/painting or sketching
  • Reading


Do you have a different coping mechanism? Is it healthy? Please share with us…

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