As our lives begin to feel more fast paced, daily stressors tend to overwhelm our sense of calmness and it is easy to feel slightly or even greatly worn out. Self-care has a lot to do with promoting and maintaining wellness, whether that aspect is mental, physical, social, emotional and or spiritual. It requires you to check in on yourself and really ask yourself “how am I doing today?” and if your answer requires a bit of replenishing, then these self-care rituals by astrologer Constance Stellas might just be for you!

By Hilma. L. Inkono

The Water signs

Water signs are intuitive, emotional, sensitive and carry a mysterious air to them. They can be refreshing, or they can engulf you in their depths. Water signs are known to possess sharp instincts and are quite perceptive. They should focus on subduing their overwhelming emotions and racing minds, and instead rely on their instincts for compassion and love unto themselves and others.

Pisces: (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces are known to be empathic and the most tolerant of the zodiacs.

Treat your feet: Pisces rules the feet, hence it is essential that they practice foot care. Soak your feet in warm water and apply oils and lotions to hydrate your skin, in addition to using a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells. You can also pamper yourself by getting a pedicure or investing in a foot spa. Happy feet will help keep you grounded.

Enjoy a cup of cocoa: Sometimes you need a moment with your own company. If it’s chilly outside, a cup of hot chocolate under the blankets, might be just what you need to unwind and relax. Watch some Netflix or play your favourite playlist and enjoy that warm cup of chocolate goodness.

Read a good book: Since Pisces is emotional and reflective, they need time to recharge and relax. You tend to get lost in great stories with an interesting plot and since you’re a nurturing and romantic sign, you may enjoy tales of love.

Other tasks that you may enjoy and may help you unwind:

Express your feelings, keep photo memories, decorate with ocean hues, skip the spicy foods, surround yourself with succulents, enjoy a glass of red wine, meditate alone.

Cancer: (June 21 – July 22)

Cancers are tenacious, emotional, highly imaginative and can be very challenging to get to know.

Affirm your abilities: When you feel self-doubt seeping in, you can make use of affirmations to give yourself a confidence boost. Written down affirmations are perfect, because you can revisit them whenever you need a reminder of your abilities. You are a beacon of insight and knowledge, and a good affirmation is “I build a lighted house and therein I dwell.” There are reasons people approach you in their time of need.

Get in the kitchen: Cooking and baking are good outlets for water signs, although they tend to stick to the basics instead of experimenting with new recipes. Comfort food tends to appeal to you, such as pancakes, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. Try experimenting with what you’re already comfortable with or add a bit of a twist.

Express your feelings: You tend to feel very deeply and although you’re good at recognizing your feelings, you find it difficult to express them to others. Practice journaling as a means to express your emotions, preferably at night after you’ve spent the day processing your emotions. If you are struggling, begin with “I feel” and continue from there, just write what feels organic.

Other tasks that you may enjoy and may help you unwind:

Treat a friend, listen to classical music, stay grounded, make a pot of soup, volunteer, draw, get busy, keep a dream diary, adorn yourself with silver, spend time with loved ones.

Scorpio: (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpios are very passionate and assertive people. They are magnetic and are into the extremes of life.

Listen to music by other Scorpios: Scorpios are naturally creative and hence there are many musical artists who share your zodiac. Develop your playlist and listen to music ranging from artists such as Miguel, Drake, Frank Ocean and SZA to mention a few.

Take a beach vacation: Being close to the water will help you rejuvenate when you are feeling exhausted. If a beach is out of the picture, than a pool will do and make sure to include some water activities to help you connect with your element & let your worries fade.

Protect yourself from energy vampires: Trust your intuition when it comes to the company you surround yourself with. Consider removing someone from your life if you find them toxic or if you feel that your energy levels are diminished whenever you see them. As a water sign, you need to prioritise your emotional wellbeing, especially against manipulative people.

Other tasks that you may enjoy and may help you unwind:

Stick to a routine, turn to nature, laugh as much as possible, avoid crowds, treat yourself to sexy nightwear, learn something new, keep photo memories.

The Earth signs

Earth signs are realistic, practical and considered the most grounded of the zodiacs. They are dutiful, stable and are loyal to their people in difficult times. On good days, they can be pragmatic, patient, sensual and reliable, they make good business people and professionals. On the other hand, they can be too materialistic, greedy or shallow.

Virgo: (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos have a deep sense of humanity and are known to be analytical and efficient.

Dance: Earth signs tend to have a good sense of rhythm and can dance as a form of exercising. It’s a fun way to spice up your usual workout routine, so it does not get dull. You could try out Zumba or hip-hop for something more energetic, if not, then you can try peaceful ballet.

Concentrate on your breathing: Your mind is always thinking about your next task and although your work ethic is commendable, take several breaks throughout the day to quiet your mind.  Breathe in deeply and exhale for the same amount of time, with an audible sigh. Envision yourself in your desired relaxation spot and take these breaks at least 3 times throughout the day, and once before bed.

Work through tummy troubles: Virgo rules the intestines, hence you might experience digestive problems more than other signs. Usually this is resultant from stress and is not a serious medical problem. If you’ve been having digestive issues, visit the doctor to rule out an infection, otherwise try and identify the cause of your stress and worry. Tackle the root cause of your stress bit by bit and it may alleviate your digestive troubles.

Other tasks that you may enjoy and may help you unwind:

Eat what you love, go for a jog, use a scent diffuser, organise your closets, do some heavy lifting, get outside, enjoy some music, do yoga to recharge, embrace your practicality, recite affirmations.

Capricorn: (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns tend to be traditional and are naturally serious. They are ambitious and responsible.

Keep things slow and steady: Earth signs like to plan meticulously and rushing through tasks may lead to errors, causing you stress. The slow and steady approach will yield better results, than that of a hurried approach. Maintain a stable pace at home or at work.

Climb a mountain: Since your symbol is the sea-goat, hiking is a great physical activity for you. Mountain climbing tests the Capricorn’s sense of drive and determination, as well as their ability to be grounded and present in the moment. Make sure to train before you attempt to climb a mountain.

Try aromatherapy:  Earth signs are well in touch with their senses and aromatherapy is a good way to connect with your sense of smell. You can make use of scented candles such as a soothing vanilla scent, take a bath or shower with a citrus body wash to energise yourself or sip on lemon or ginger tea, with a drop of vanilla essence.

Other tasks that you may enjoy and may help you unwind:

Indulge in a day off, talk to a friend, breathing exercises, listen to some oldies, appreciate what you have, build endurance with your workouts, play an instrument.

Taurus: (April 20 – May 20)

People born under this sun sign are known to be methodical, receptive and stubborn.

Stick with the classics: A shopping trip would be a good treat, but instead of opting for the latest fashion rage, shop for your sign. You like things that are classic, simple yet elegant, so it would be wise to stay clear of fits that are too tight, flashy, or revealing. You value comfort, but you can still look glamorous.

Reach for your goals: Once earth signs know what they want, they usually continue up that path until they attain it. They are disciplined and tenacious enough to achieve what they want most in life. Create a vision board of what you want to accomplish and place it where you can see it every day.

Sing: Singing is good for the soul and Taurus is the ruler of the throat. You can express your voice by singing or even talking, whether it’s karaoke or a presentation, raise your voice. You may feel your spirits lift as you exercise your throat.

Other tasks that you may enjoy and may help you unwind:

Take a farm vacation, read a book, meditate in nature, set a new goal for yourself, talk it out, have a picnic, break free from your comfort zone, embrace the possibilities.

So how will you be practicing self-care?

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