Here I am once again in a position I thought I’d never put myself in.  Who am I kidding?, I knew exactly that this entanglement with Tate Fire was a whole joke.  Oh well, least I got the D out of it right?

It’s been 3 days and I’m still in this hospital bed trying to figure out how I got the infection.  I most probably got it from urinating in public places and I mean this in the most literal way possible. Think about parking lots, sidewalks, open bush, anywhere my bladder found me.

My workmates stopped by this morning to express their heartfelt sympathy’s and whatnot, I must admit that I miss them dearly and this hospital isn’t really working out for me.  I miss working, stressing over deadlines, work trips, I miss it all but I have to get well in order for me to get back to it.

Tate Fire still hasn’t passed by to check up on me and it hurts, it actually sucks man.  The person I thought I had a close connection with didn’t show up.  Maybe he has his reasons for not wanting to make this more than what it should be.  This was like a slap on my face, an “I told you so” moment but do I ever listen to reason?, I honestly do not think so.

Mr. Marcel keeps coming by though but he isn’t the one I want but God knows this boy is trying. I’d be blind if I’m not seeing what he does for me.  I just have one big problem with Mr. Marcel, HIS DICK GAME TRASH *WUUUGH! I mean I’d lay there just wondering what he’s even doing on top of me, *shit is just sad. Mr. Marcel only prefers to stick to military and that’s all night so you can imagine.

Let me just give credit where it’s due, the guy is great, an absolute gentleman and makes me laugh, already set for life financially, probably every woman’s dream guy but he just ain’t just cutting it for me down there if you know what I mean, I’m sorry.  I refuse to settle for less even if I want to settle down.


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