Men are Trash: For Dummies

By Mavis Braga

I was in a room filled with three men and two women. Three men so oblivious to their privilege that they felt that they could argue why men are not trash. The argument went back and forth as they argued hook, line and sinker as to why men are not trash. Statements such as not all men, flew in the air. Statements such as – if you say all men are trash, are you including your father, brothers and male friends. Statements such as – when speaking about rape culture, can we for a second also talk about the precaution’s women do not take.

Where to Eat: Butcher Block Namibia

By Elzaan Nel

As you probably know, I rarely go eat out at franchise restaurants. I always feel like something gets lost when doing a copy-paste establishment, BUT this was not the case in Butcher Block Namibia.  Having all the perks of a franchise restaurant, such as trained chefs, systems in place and a well thought through menu yet offering you the feeling of an authentic local steak house. I eagerly awaited the opening of Butcher Block in the Am Weinberg estate since I saw their 1st instagram post in November last year.  Checking every odd week to see if they’ve opened yet and getting excited when they post food photos online.

Mono & Me: Invest in yourself

A conversation with the High Commissioner of the British Commission pointed to the fact that I adamantly write on the strength found in self-evaluation. This was coupled with a sincere need to have the entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneur to self-reflect. Many times we spend a lot of time reading self-help books on how to acquire wealth. Although, this is a fundamental part of growing your business mind and polishing your business skills, we spend little time actually introspecting and looking within to ensure the character traits we possess that make up self, have the ability to drive us forward.