Hey darlings.

welcome back to yet another epic story of Tate Fire and I.

Work hasn’t be as fun the past couple of days. Every executive meeting I had all week, my head wasn’t in its place sowaar  so there was no way in hell I had a great week.

As days went by and still no word from Tate Fire, I figured he must’ve realized what I wanted to talk about. I mean every time I would call he would pick up mara he’s always busy en waste kak. So ,I decided to have dinner with my girls (*Rochelle and *Nicky) just to catch up on what’s happening in our lives and. Nicky, is in the marketing industry and Rochelle, is a news anchor. We are all rocking the same boat when it comes to our love lives. Nicky, is in a “Kelly Rowland” type of a situation, coming from an abusive relationship until she found her prince charming, she’s even pregnant with their first child together. I was in awwe when she told us the news. Rochelle, on the other hand is in a “J-Lo” *situationship until she met her person as well, juggling her 2 beautiful twin girls. Gosh, I wonder how they do it ’cause clearly I’m the bad girl “RiRi” that’s always lit and refuses to settle ’cause men are trash what what.

Dinner was going great at Kubata ’cause neither one of us wanted to host. Nicky, wanted to go out for some air, Rochelle, didn’t want to deal with the noise from her twins and my house was just too depressing like I didn’t even want to be there.  As we settled in and got our food and drinks the questions finally started to come in about Tate Fire and I, not that I wasn’t expecting them but I just wished it never popped up. I explained what was happening and felt kinda ashamed when I had to tell them what I had found in my bedroom that didn’t belong to me ’cause their lives were so perfect and mine was just a whole dragging roller coaster.  I honestly just wanted to do small talk sowaar but I guess there was no escaping it with these ladies.

The waiter returned with a bottle of wine and a note. Excuse me, we didn’t order for this, I said. The waiter turned around and pointed to a gentlemen seated by the bar and lifted his glass in a cheerily manner, we stared at one another all shook. Rochelle, the nosy one grabbed the note as the waiter left and it read, “I’ll wait for you no matter how long you take, lady in a beautiful blue dress. XoXo Marcel”. Oi!

The ladies gave me that clumsy look omte se its going down tonight lol.  As the night was going on, my girls and I were having such a blast with old stories until Nicky’s phone started ringing and immediately Rochelle jump in screaming etse dis BEYONCE SE SONG as she gave comment to her ringtone, “I’m a Grown Woman, I can do whatever I want”. I won’t lie I was dead on the floor from laughter and obviously the wine had me feeling some type of way meanwhile Mr Marcel kept looking at our table and I kept giving that deep eye sexy/flirty look ’cause homeboy fine ass as hell. 

It was time  to the leave  ’cause Nicky, started to complain about how tired she was, I mean, the girl can barely touch her feet at this point. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of loneliness as I imagined having to go home.  Checked my phone and still no reply from Tate Fire, etse ek’t begin in my moer rak ’cause what the fuck man. Tipsy from the wine my phone slipped out of my hands onto the floor, as I was about to pick it up Mr Marcel got to it first and said “No please, let me”. Oh, this man should stay away from me I thought to myself ’cause the wine wouldn’t allow me to utter a word out.

So, this man sat by my table and kept looking at me amazed and asked “this place is closing, what are you waiting for?” I told him that i needed to gather my thoughts first before I drive back home. He offered to drive me ’cause I think he noticed I may have had one too many. .  Had the most interesting conversation with a complete that bought us wine just a while ago. He looks so fine, such a gentlemen and charming too. My punanie started screaming because, wine.   As I was ready to leave, Mr Marcel offered to walk me out, we got up and next thing I know we are at his place and I’m unzipping his trousers and for the life in me seeing him bare chest was EVERYTHING. This man held me in a grip motion mind you this is a total stranger. I had questions running through my mind. Like, “is he a serial killer?; why the fuck I even in his house; his bed? Trust me, I had all kinds of questions running through my mind but I just couldn’t stop moaning from pleasure especially when he started to eat my pussy. HOT DAMN, he ate it good, his tongue went so deep, my waterfall came down pouring and he was enjoying every minute of it ’cause nigga was smiling. He lay me on his bed and took his time with me and I with him.

This guy caressed me with his huge hands, up and down he went on my body and finally dropped that chocolate factory. I was shook.  Tried the GROUNDHOG sex position. this man new what he was doing for real. For ya’ll that don’t know what that style is well this is when a woman lies on her tummy facing the ground while the man mounts from the back.  This style allows deep downward penetration that makes it easy for the man to hit the g-spot especially if the woman is creative enough to raise her pelvis and lower the upper body. This man knew just how to hit it right my gosh.  I responded by doing just as he commanded. While bent over he started to massage both my labia’s in circular movement while playing with my breast. Preparing himself to enter his dick into my vagina and there it was that long moan I’ve been longing for. I held my blanket for dear life.

There we were both trying to catch our breaths and I got up and decided to lave this strangers house.  We both got dressed and he gave me a long kiss goodbye presuming he’ll see me again. Just as I got home form Mr Marcel’s house that night and shortly after I settled in bed,  a knock on my door. Headed over to the door and there he was,



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