My mind was buzzing with questions and a whole lot of –what the fucks.  I swear during that little moment the only thing I was praying to my guardian angel for was for Tate Fire not to make a scene *shashi wuuugh.  Was this Tate following me *ano?

As Tate Fire walked in, we immediately locked eyes and gave that *wat mak jy hier look.  Mr Marcel looked at me and asked, are you okay?  *uhm, uhm yeah, sorry I just saw a close friend I haven’t seen in awhile walk into the restaurant, I said.  Fay is that you? Tate Fire asked as he came to our table, I gave him that silly smirk and introduced him to Mr Marcel. Mr Marcel meet *Johnson, *Johnson meet Marcel. In the midst of all this crazy, Tate Fire leaned in for a hug, so tight and whispered in my ear ‘restroom in 30min’, it was nice meeting you Marcel and walks off.  *Johnson seems like a good dude, Marcel said.  I’m like yeah he is, I’m ready to order please wave to the waiter.

Hours into dinner with great conversations and hoping Tate Fire wasn’t staring at me. All I kept thinking of was deep throating Tate Fire’s dick guys, call me whatever you want *neh mara ouf, I couldn’t help myself.  The thought took over my entire mind and next thing I hear myself telling MrMarcel, to please excuse me while I use the restroom.  I’ll be here pretty lady, he responded back.  Tate Fire saw me standing up heading to the restrooms so, obviously, he followed.  I walked into the lady’s room and Tate Fire comes barging in and locking the door behind him without checking if anyone was in or not. *etse die man, wag gou og, I said but he took me by my neck and started kissing me. 

This man was already hard as a rock so I wasted no time my dear.  I threw my clutch on the floor and grabbed him around his waist, unbuttoned his trousers to suck his dick.  I totally forgot to act like a damn lady, all my morals were out the door at this point.  *Die goed wat die man my laat mak.  He pulled out my thong from under my dress, lifted me up onto the basin as he inserted his hard dick in me while nibbling my nipples.  I started to moan and immediately my *punanie was screaming for hard sex.  He then said I’m sorry for earlier.  Deep stroking in and out, rearranging my abdominal parts for sure and his fingers right on my clit in circular motions.  This went on for about 5mins tops and *BOOM, I climaxed.

Mr Marcel came knocking on the door as we were wrapping it up and my heart jumped. Fay you okay in there? He asked. 

Yeah sure, I’ll be right out.

I responded while Tate Fire still caressing my neck.  *Jesu die man!. Smdh.

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