Well, Well.

It’s an entire New Decade.

Which means a clean slate, new beginnings, new opportunities and endless possibilities.

Do you remember the hype of entering the 2000’s?

Y2K and such?

I remember, I just completed high school, it was Parte after Parte after Parte (that is such an annoying song) and on New Year’s Eve when I planned to attend the real Parte, my mother grounded me, and I slept into the year 2000.

The only word that comes to mind when I think of 2019 is ROUGH.

There is possibly no other word I can use to describe my 2019.

Hell, I am typing this with two toddlers running around me, playing police police.

The last time I wrote, I mentioned that I will not be taking any leave over the holidays, well, that has changed and now I am typing this with my pajamas on at midday. 

I will be headed to the beach later to do the proper ‘’coasting’’ thing.

I plan on spending all my free time roasting in the sun that is if the weather allows it of course.

Thank God for small mercies.

I took part in the top nine of 2019 that was going around and caused quite a frenzy on social media and my top nine pictures of 2019 are the following, so let’s see if I remember what made them so momentous?


  • Picture 1

Taken at my old workplace in Walvis Bay.

I am dressed in traditional odelela at a work function earlier this year, I got so much comments on this image, I guess this picture really displays my entire personality in one go, and it was appreciated by those who know the real me. Wink Wink.


  • Picture 2:

Picture taken outside my church after a confirmation service.

Proudly dressed in a dress I designed for myself and made by a local tailor, whilst attending my niece’s confirmation. I suppose the dress was the most likeable thing of this image.


  • Picture 3

Image taken back home before attending the biggest spiritual event of my life in 2019, recently.

On the picture with me, is the love of my life, dressed to a T. Enough Said. 


  • Picture 4:  

Picture taken also back home on the morning of my son’s 5th bday in September 2019. Mind you I travelled 400km with that themed cake and was almost in a horrific car crash, but the cake survived with a mere bump, still it brought that huge smile to a little person’s face. Bump and all.


  • Picture 5

Picture taken in Botswana, whilst I attended a local wedding. Frizzy hair and all, I was content, as the picture depicts.


  • Picture 6:

Throwback Time!

Day 1 after giving birth 5yrs ago. Picture taken whilst we were recovering in hospital. By the look I am giving the little person, you can tell that it was a magical moment.


  • Picture 7: 

Image taken back home of the birthday boy again and his batman cake! This time I think the dimples won the crowd over?


  • Picture 8: 

Picture taken by my personal trainer at the gym, whilst hammering the sled! Painful days, yet I inspired masses.


  • Picture 9: 

Picture taken on a weekend getaway to celebrate my 38th Chapter. Once again, pure bliss painted all over my facial expression.


Light and Love 


‘’Curvy Scorpio’’

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