In this edition we speak fashion, fashion and more fashion. We explore the difference between style and fashion, the body standards in fashion and we catch up with a few industry players.

Gracing our cover this month is the talented fashion designer who has showcased internationally, representing our culture in his execution. Deon  Mathias aka Deon Angelo is shot by Tuva Wolf Studios for our June cover.



Editor’s Note

Disney’s Style Journal

Deon Angelo the Fashion Brand

MonoLifestyle: I’m just here for the food

Fashion as an expression

Iconic fashion items adapted by the world

Dressing for Success: How your appearance can increase your chances of closing the deal or getting that job

Body standards in the Fashion Industry

MonoLookBook- Sai Style

Stunt with Jay Aeron

Fashion Photography with Lucia Petschnig

Fashion vs Style

City Style-Savvy – Odette Schimming

Life as a model with Wellem Kapenda

On our Radar: YAMWE

Power of Dressing with Sweetness

The Power of MakeUp- Suoma Katshuna

Model Update: Anna Shiwedha

Love. Want. Need. – Motherland Clothing

Top 3 Namibian brands to look out for

Men’s grooming trends for 2018

Winter Skin Routine 

Fitness as a trend

Engineering Mavis: Your double standards are toxic

My mind was a ball of suicidal thoughts

MultiChoice Talent Factory

CARTOON NETWORK is looking for new animation talent in Africa



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