By Malulu Angula

Being an entrepreneur is rough. And boy is that the tame version of that daily truth.

The entrepreneurial journey is like the hunger games, but instead of being against other people, it’s you and your business trying to be better than you were yesterday. Every. Single. Day. And usually for the foreseeable future.

It often means late hours, little to no pay (because your business needs all the coins it can get), and no thank you’s. From anyone! All because you’re the “baas” so success or failure is all your business.

Ever heard the saying ‘not my monkey, not my circus’? It’s code for ‘I’m an employee, I didn’t do it, so I’m not cleaning up the poop in the corner’. That means it all falls to you.

That’s what usually leads to what I wrote about last time. Suffering major fails and taking those punches because you’re too busy juggling everything that you don’t see that left hook coming.

I write this article to help you heal from that failure and prevent you from experiencing it again. I want to assure you that there is a way to grow from it, but that it involves some self-care.

With this sort of growth in mind, it’s important for you to treat yourself in a certain way to help you perform at your best so that you’re able to give your business, employees and customers your best.

To make things easy we’ve broken it down into a few key tips:

Wake up early 

Trust me, this one is magic and many successful entrepreneurs stand by it as well. The feeling that you’ve gotten a head start on the world will kick start your day and help you get that boost that you need to operate at your most innovative self.

Avoid alcohol

Having a glass of wine every now and then is cool, but being the centre of the party every other day means that you’re not focused on being the centre of your business and that often means something is gonna go wrong. Richard Branson was quoted as saying that drinking alcohol was like “stealing from tomorrow’s happiness”. He’s a billionaire so maybe we should listen to him. So put down that fancy gin cocktail!

Get enough sleep

Really, put your phone down and stop responding to emails. You won’t die if you get to deal with them early tomorrow morning when you get up before anyone else.

With this in mind, get an app like Fluxr. If you often use your phone before bed. It filters out blue light which stimulates your brain and keeps you awake. Apps like this are said to help with sleep.

Eat. For goodness sake, eat!

This one is most important for entrepreneurs. We often get so lost in our ideas and “things to try” that we forget to eat and that could work to our detriment.

The brain needs a few things to be awesome, and food, rest and oxygen are some of them. That food part is essential because it helps you keep your energy up to perform and to resist common bugs that can keep you out of business.

See four things, that’s not too bad right?

Start incorporating these things into your life slowly, and your guaranteed to…well we can’t promise success, but we can promise that there at least be less doctor’s visits during your hustle.

That’s all for now. If you’ve learned from this article give it a like and share it online so we can all learn together.

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