If candles have not been on your home items radar, it’s not too late. Candles are an old age loved must-have item that we should all have in our homes. We at Brown Home make organic scented candles and here are 8 reasons candles should be your next home purchase. 

Candles provide aromatherapy

Candles are well known to be one of the great tools for aromatherapy. This is because they are made with a variety of essential oils which have various aromatic benefits. Here are some of the scents and their benefits.

Bergamot – elevates mood, promotes sleep

Lavender – balance, relaxation  

Vanilla – promotes sleep, helps improve respiratory health 

Peppermint – soothing 

Ylang ylang – aphrodisiac 

Burning scented candles in your home is thus a sure way to make sure you tap into some of those benefits. 


Mood setting and routine

The warm light from candles creates a relaxed atmosphere. Burning a candle is an easy way to break up your day.  It can signal a time to put down the laptop and rest, which is an essential apart of continued life balance.  On the other hand, the calming effect of candlelight and its soothing flickering flame can be exactly what you need to get through your workday.


 It is also said that warm light is best for your eyes. If you cannot have the luxury of light dimming, candles are a sure way to enjoy warm lighting. 



Your home, much like you feels better with a signature scent. A scented candle is a soft way for self-expression through your home. And, it is backed by science that smell and memory are closely related. A home’s signature scent can thus ease you and all your guests into vivid reminiscing long after all the fabulous nights at your kitchen table have ended.


Choosing to burn a scented candle can also help to reflect your feeling and mood into your space. Much like listening to joyful/sad music when feeling so. It will make you feel understood in your space. 


Elevate the aesthetic of your home

The fun thing about candles is that they come in different shapes, sizes, and container designs. This makes candles a great décor item. Adding a candle of your choice to your side tables, bookshelves, coffee table, and the kitchen counter is a simple way to add a layer style to your home’s aesthetic. 



At the end of the day, romance is really about enticing all the six senses (oh, yes, six). It is not a candlelight dinner for laughs. A candle sets the mood with lighting and gets all the sensations going with the right scent. A candle can also turn routine habits such as taking a bath, cooking or reading into a sensual moment. A candle is how you breathe romance into any moment.


Meditation and prayer

Not only are candles great for your mind and body, but they are also good for your soul. The aromatherapy and warm lighting can help you focus when meditating or praying. And looking at candle flame is soothing to the mind. Candles are also said to clean your aura.



Take your calm with you. Candles are easily portable, and you can take them anywhere with you. A good place to take your favourite candle is on vacation. It will help you cement your beautiful memories and elevate your relaxation.  

Environmentally conscious


Most candles come in recyclable material. Reuse empty candle jars for your candy, bobby pins, pens, flowers or kitchen utensils. Anything item you purchase that puts your mind at ease about suitability is a good buy. Also, you have an option to buy organic candles (not made with paraffin), such as soy candles which will not fill the air in your home with toxins. 

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