It’s all about the suit this year. Getting the right one shouldn’t be that hard. Old or new, you can be guaranteed to turn heads with these 3 easy tips, as we get ready for the Namibian Music Awards.

We are just days and a couple of hours away from one of Namibia’s biggest nights. Thrilled to see show stopping creations from our designers and what our stylists have put together for the celebrities.

What we are also looking forward to this year is the perfect tailored suit. The blue carpet should be filled with drop-dead gorgeous men in tall glasses of perfection, at least that’s the idea.

How to get the perfect suit you ask, Follow these 3 easy tips and you will not go wrong or worse, end up on The Weekenders worst dressed list.

1. Old or new, black, brown, or grey, get that suit tailored to your specifications. Nobody wants to see how ill-fitting your suit is on you.

Counter Tip:  Find your way to CSquared if you do not know how or what exactly should be tucked or snipped.

2. The NAMAs are going to be hosted at the beautiful harbour town Walvis Bay, and the weather will not be in your favour. So gear up, look at fashion statements like a man scarf, a beanie or a coat.

3. Make sure to accessorise. We are talking about adding a little personality to your look. Try items like crazy coloured ties, crazy socks or a different fabric waist-coat. 

We are looking forward to seeing all kinds of dapperness on the blue carpet. Make sure this one is for the book Gents.

If all things fail just look up IDRIS ELBA.

Thank us later.


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