Glossy eyelids are in this spring and we know why!

By throwing a little lip gloss on your eyelids and calling it a day, is the newest wet, wild and wonderfully simple way to pull of a make up look to date.

It’s hot and sunny out, a glossy eyes that has more dew than your forehead after a long day out are starting to hit the streets. It’s all over magical entrances on the runways, across Instagram and even the red carpet.


We say, jump onto this jelly-look trend before it’s too late, by just using these easy tips from makeup artists and glossy lid enthusiasts…

  1. Use an eyeshadow, of your choice and then apply a clear balm or oil on top for the glossy finish. Health Tip: make sure whatever you use is safe for the eye area.
  2. Try this wet-look with bright and bold colours.
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix textures either. i.e a glossy eye with a matte lip is definite *fire.

There you go.

With just these easy tips, you will be well on your way to spending summer days glowing like never before.

Show us how you are rocking this wet-for-days trend.

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