My first year at varsity was the worst! I didn’t attend Orientation week so I didn’t know what getting into university meant. I basically winged my first year. I didn’t know how important tests were or how I had to attend 80% of my classes! I didn’t know what ODS (Office of the Dean of Students) was. It was hard but nonetheless I managed to push through. My main point is, if I could turn back time, I would have prevented a lot of things from happening.

So, my first year was pretty rough. Come registration week, I was sent from one spot to the other. If you were or are a student at UNAM you would know what I’m talking about. It was hard! It took a whole full day. I went early morning and only came back late evening. It was a nightmare!

But through it all I am glad I got through all that, it was a learning experience and definitely toughened me up, especially someone like me who’s used to things being handed to me on a silver platter! Oh! and trust me, it does get better. Your second to your final year is much better than your first year. You get to register online, in the comfort of your own home even (I’m talking on behalf of UNAM students here).

What I am thankful for though, is that I never got scammed or anything of that sort. In today’s world these are things to be grateful for. On my own I got through registration without my mother holding my hand or leading me like she did in primary and high school. I turned out okay though. The other day I was sitting at ODS by the receptionist desk, helping different students with their registration issues, whether first year or final year, distance or full-time students. I appreciated that apart from missing orientation week and spending a whole full day registering, I survived it all.

So, from a final year student to those starting out at University, hang in there, please show up for registration week and no matter how frustrating registration is, know that you’ll get through it. And guys, ODS is your friend, those people are there to help you, do not be afraid to ask for help, doesn’t matter what it is-  school, finance, hostel, changing courses, or simply direction to class. Do not be afraid to ask for help. And this goes out to everyone, not just first year students. They will give you direction on who to see, regarding whatever issue you might have. Have patience as well, they will send you from point A to point B, all the way to point Z but just remember that patience is a virtue.

Do your research to avoid getting into a course you do not want to get into, I feel like now I’m getting into a different topic for a different day. With that being said, Goodluck and I hope that you all make it through UNAM. And remember kids, do not bribe anybody, not to get a place at UNAM or to get a room at the hostel and definitely not to access your portal! The portal is free and can be accessed by absolutely anybody just ask how (laughs) scams are real guys, especially in today’s world. They prey on gullible students who do not understand University. Even something as simple as buying a textbook, wait till your lecturer has told you what book and what edition you should get, don’t just assume because you are doing sociology, you need a sociology book. They are all different! With that being said, welcome to University and I hope this will be a joy ride for you…

Shallot Mohutege (@lady_shallot)

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