Hey Bunns,  *as I giggle my way through my new intro.

I’ll be sharing my 4 building blocks of my wardrobe that have kept me sane with the ongoing cycle of new and old trends which makes it impossible to shop, in the fear that the staples will soon go out of fashion. 

I’ll be taking you back, way back in time or rather- like the title, giving you the building blocks of any wardrobe.  The most necessary of wardrobe mainstays. The best part about each of my listed pieces is that they can all be styled in multiple ways that make them perfect for any occasion. Not to mention that they bring with them the classic timeless appeal.


Basics are items like underpants, bras, camisoles, thermal underwear, shapewear, leggings, sleepwear, loungewear, socks, hosiery and workout wear. Many of these items are not visible components of your outfits.


Essentials are usually versatile, current and simple in design, but they are not wardrobe basics. They are what makes other items in your wardrobe work together. They can be clothing items, footwear or accessories. They often form part of your signature style. They are PERSONAL.


Statements are wardrobe items that are eye-catching, memorable, and stand out in some way and anywhere. They are full of personality and often somewhat unique. Think about it this way, essentials are the supporting actors/actresses, the statement piece is the star of the show. The leading actor/actress. They can be simple in design, yet bold or shiny in colour or pattern. Some prefer their statements exceptionally maximal and loud, whereas I prefer mine a quieter and/or minimalist statement piece.


Items that are neither basic, essential nor statement are what I call completers. If your wardrobe is a movie set, the lead actors/actress are the statement pieces, the supporting actors are the essentials, the film crew and the director are the basics, and all the extras in the background are the completers.

Get it?

All you need to know is that building your wardrobe doesn’t happen over night and that it is a journey you’d enjoy being on. Have fun while building it.

Until next time bunns.



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