Swakopmund brings you the Food, Music & Fashion Festival.

The organizers of the Food, Music & Fashion Festival are here to bring you nothing but an exclusive yet memorable experience for a lifetime.

Here’s how:

The Food, Music & Fashion Festival was established to for the sole purpose of celebrating Swakopmund’s talent in the creative industry of Namibia. Celebrating their heritage and the diversity. A first for Swakopmund and one for the books.   The festival is also intended to help boost the morale of the youth in Swakopmund . There is hope even when the country’s economy is facing such a decline.  SMEs within the sector of the festival are more than welcome to showcase their products and services.

The organizers plan on giving each stall creative freedom for when setting up, taking into consideration that itʼs in line with terms and conditions of The Festival.

We want each stall to get a return on investment and to make profit and to ensure that we  will not have no more than 3 brands selling/providing the same product/service. We encourage diversity through the entire festival.

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Date:  20 April 2019

Time:  11h00 till late

Venue:  Swakopmund, Namibia


The festival organizers plan on delivering mouthwatering finds in food, street-chefs and delectable trends. There are plans on inviting a celebrity chef to engage with fans and host a live cooking session that can be broadcast on a live stream.  There will be a traditional corner for all cultures to encourage and showcase the diversity in Swakopmund, Namibia and the rest the world. The culinary industry has often been overlooked as a career path, the festival plans on inviting culinary schools to host information sharing sessions with prospective culinary artists.


Various musicians, bands and DJs will be showcasing their talents throughout the entire event whilst event patrons enjoy the pleasures of the exhibitions on hand.  The event organizers have a vision of making the FMF Festival a highlight on the event calendar, not only for Swakopmund but nationally and across the SADC region. Therefore, the festival plans on involving international artists that have a satisfactory record of attracting large crowds and an exceptional brand image. This will be beneficial to our vendors, sponsors and partners as thousands of fans will flock to the venue to enjoy electric performances by their favourite artists whilst enjoying the other event element deliverables that The Festival has on offer.


The Great Pop Up is a fashion market that sees Namibian brands under one roof. A platform for our local brands to sell their products while at the same time create a shopping experience for the public. The Great Pop Up’s main objective is to bring awareness to local brands as they are not well represented in local retail. Influxed with international retail stores who do not carry local brands, the retail industry does not allow our fashion brands to grow. Thus it’s created  to act as a platform that motivates the purchase and celebration of our local brands.

Activities at FMF

A cook-off

Fashion Design Exhibitions

Modelling Workshops

Charger Lounge

Organizing Partners

1. Monochrome Magazine is the official fashion segment host. They will send out all invitation to fashion exhibitors and also provide each stalls’ artwork and promote and advertise on their social media platforms. Monochrome is the chosen partner as theyʼve years of experience in the Namibian fashion and have cemented their position as a powerhouse in the industry.

2. Club Vibe Club vibe has years of experience managing the bars at different events of different sizes. Hence, the Festival is approaching Club Vibe to manage the bar. Theyʼll operate with the other sponsors dealsʼ terms and conditions taken into consideration.

3. Coca Cola Namibia Coca Cola Namibia has been known to associate themselves with innovative event concepts like the one that the Festival is presenting, hence their decision to associate themselves with the event. The company will be providing the Festival with a lump sum that will be used to cover miscellaneous event expenses. The sponsorship also includes the provision of a tent, tables, benches and a mobi-can.

4. CIC Namibia is the sole distributor of major alcohol brands in Namibia, major brands that have been associated with major events. CIC Namibia has decided to sponsor the Festival by providing us with a Jack Daniels and Jägermeister sponsorship. The company will also be providing the Festival with consignment stock from these two brands and a lumpsum payment will also be given to the Festival.

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