It’s been a full week since Vday. I mean I have been trying to wrap my head around it and I can’t lie, my punanie still makes me release dopamine every time I think about it. That man done did the *fings.

I received a call at around 10h30am from tate fire . I didn’t think he would call because we had a fight the other night, my guess is, he was getting flash backs from Tuesday when I went over for a quickie despite our differences.  Tate fire wanted to come by my place ’cause his place is being renovated or something in that line as he explained over the phone. My punanie started to vibrate from excitement already, I swear this lady will be the death of me. It was hard turning him away because of obvious reasons.  My head was raising with ideas of what I could do to him or him having to do the same and more. The universe is one strange thing if I admit, no later than 10 minutes, a knock on my office door. I wasn’t expecting anyone at that hour, my calendar was clear. The office secretary walks in and Tate Fire behind her. “Ma’am, sorry to disturb you, but the gentlemen here insists on seeing you”, she explains.  Stunned but not surprised, I mean this man has done this before and trust me it’s for the books. Always. “It’s ok Sharonn, leave us” , I tell her.

We had a stare down so deep I could feel all trigger spots go off and I’m sure all he could see was  a half naked, dripped in his favorite lingerie, coz that’s how he likes seeing me. I felt being picked up and dropped on my office desk by his masculine self, bent over and his entire mouth wetting Miss Punani. It happened so fast yet it felt so glorious. The blinds where half open  and my mind was so occupied and could careless whether people in the office could see what was happening. He had me call out his name under my breath and oh how that made things worse for me. Just as he was moving up my torso…

Than BANMM!!  A loud book slam on my desk, it was my boss. This guy was talking to me the whole time and here I was day dreaming about what adventures Tate Fire and I have, the shame. Yoh!! The wonders of what Tate Fire’s dick can do me is actually scary that if I had to lose him, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.  My boss finished talking about some retreat his planning on hosting for the executive members and ended with I should let him know by Tuesday next week.

I wrapped up with work, walked into the parking lot and there he was. Sexy, masculine and tall, my kinda snacks and with flowers and an apology note. The core of my punanie started to knock on the door, and I was like bitch if you don’t handle yourself down there it will get messy for the both of us. Tate Fire grabbed me by my waist and kissed me like he was longing for thirst etse, I wasn’t sure if he was falling or caught feelings mara something wasn’t right. So silly old me decided to get in the car but he suggested I get in the back seat of my car coz he had a surprise for me. Little did I know that Tate Fire had my partner in crime- Gin with him and apparently he wanted to take the edges of from work. I was in awe, mense julle sal nie verstan nie, this man gets me man. Fine, I did what I was told because it’s tog Tate Fire man.

Seated in the back seat with him was very relaxing yet at the same time – hot, steamy and exciting. My heart was racing, palms on fire, punanie knocking by the door gosh.  Everything was set right. There I was on top of him, unbuttoning his shirt, kissing his neck, lips soft as a marshmallow, I was in heaven guys.  I took the lead this time and you damn right I had him begging for more. Unzipped his pants and there it was, “the chocolate factory”. I wasn’t really surprised that he was aroused already I mean homegirl knew what she was doing dan, so I bent down and started to suck his cock, slowly, deep throat and a little gag just for control. The look on his face was priceless, I could see he was enjoying every minute of it. Tate fire held my hair as I started to stroke up and down his dick and so he kept pulling my hair and moaning with pleasure in his deep voice. *Huu shem! only my ancestors knew what I was about to do next to this poor soul.

As I was finishing up my stroking and playing with my tongue and teeth, kinda like biting but not really.This man asked where I learned to use my mouth like that. Etse told Tate Fire to skip the questions and enjoy the moment.  My panties were already off so all I had to do was slide my thirsty ass punani into the chocolate factory and get some well-deserved candy.   Tate Fire held me on my waist and helped me as I was in cow-girl position. There I was calling out his name under my breath. Car is filled with moisture, the humidity and the smell of his semen and my V fluids combined together. Sex I tell you. Sex aaaand Climax.

The pleasure was unbearable. *Yene, two grown folks having sex in a car. Call me crazy but Tate Fire has me *dickmatized.

Until next time!

Miss FAY

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