Have y’all ever wondered why things happen the way they do huh? I mean the story of Tate Fire and I is the most unexplained situation I’ve ever been in. It is mind blowing physically, mentally, emotionally and most importantly sexually.

The executive retreat was happening tomorrow and I had totally lost track of time on everything coz I thought I still had a day or two to mentally  prepare myself for Gross Barmen. I swear with all this work I have going on I hardly have time to think. My boss asked if I was tagging someone along, don’t get me wrong I thought about inviting Tate Fire. Mara I felt like this was a more professional trip, I mean this is my work we talking about and Tate Fire isn’t even my person (exclusively) to start off. Imagine having him around looking and feeling awkward around my bosses and their spouses, ouf nah fam miss me with that shit.

I’ve mentioned the retreat  to Tate Fire  and while I’ll be away, I asked that he doe not host people while I’m gone coz I know how wild he can get now that he is staying at my place while his place is being renovated. I passed out from the wine I had  for dinner. As I was half deep in my sleep I could feel a warm gradual increasing muscle on my booty and for a second there  I thought I was dreaming. 

Tate Fire put his arms around my body and his hands found my boobs and felt him squeezing them gently. His erection was still not fully fledged but I could tell he it was getting there. He gave me a long ass thirsty kiss on my neck, took off my robe I forgot to take off when I got to bed after dinner.  He went down on me and started digging for gold with his tongue and I mean this in the most literal way. There I was gasping for air as he was digging, it felt as if my soul had left my body guys, pressing his head down to dig deeper, oh my gosh I kept moaning for the gods. I could feel his beard round my area and that made me feel like gold.  He came up but he left his fingers in my punanie, kissing me all over while pressing his finger deeper, yoh if that’s not plessure neh than I don’t know what that was.  

That finger did its job, so there I was all wet like a waterfall and Tate Fire was ready. While we were making out my phone started to ring, I tried to ignore it but I couldn’t coz maybe it was my boss that wanted to make a few changes and needed me to handle it *homegirl wants and needs that promotion, checked the phone and just as I thought, it was my boss calling me in the middle of sex. Tate Fire insisted I pick up and that it was ok with with him. I answered and just as I utter the words “Evening sir, how may i help you…” Tate fire positions me in doggy style and slid his medium sized cock in me.

Oh!… I moan. My boss still on the line, “excuse me Fay, what was that?..” he asks. “It’s nothing sir, you were saying?”. My boss continue to explain why he called me this late and that he needed me to be at the office first thing to finalize a report before we dash off to the retreat. Tate Fire on the other hand had me multitasking on a new level. Back and forth slow and fast strokes had us making clap sounds through the phone call with my boss. All I could utter were, “Aha, Yes and Ok”. I could feel him inside me from behind, he bent over and leaned towards me like he was giving me a hug as he got ready to cum.

As soon as I realized he was positioning himself to cum. I pushed him away because he was not going to have all the fun. I set on the bed on my back with my legs wide open for him to see all of my punanie. I started to play with my self gently and made sexy sex sounds to have him captivated. He wanted to play too but told him to play with himself while he watches me.   I put three of my fingers in my mouth, wet them and directed them back to my punanie and made gentle strokes while deeply staring at Tate Fire. Soon after a while of pure live porn and ready to cum, I invited him inside of me and it took 7 strokes for the both of us to cum at the same time.

Sweat, cum and his deep voice calling out my name  as he came and I holding on for dear life as I cum is a deadly combination and truly mind blowing.

Catch the next Oh’Darling.

Until next time!

Miss FAY


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