In this episode of City Style Savvy, we talk to Nahenda a Theatre and Film  performer.

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Photography:  @_UZPHOTOGRAPHY

She enjoys storytelling on stage and through film, using fashion and photography. One of my passions is digital media marketing and currently I am studying communications.

Describe your style in three words?

Street, editorial and trendy

Style tip you can’t live without?

Shades will always make you look 10x stylish

Three shopping tips?

2. Be strategic when buying into the trend. Stop looking like a packaged deal
3. If it doesn’t fit , leave it in the shop

Photography:  @_UZPHOTOGRAPHY

What is in your bag right now?

“that’s a really good question” – you probably mean my fanny pack , my other pair of shades are in there with that dischem glossy lip therapy

Latest purchase?

My one strip heels .

Trends you are trying out now?

The brown tones – your burnt oranges, nudes, chocolate dark browns.
*I need the famous teddy coat

Favorite hangout spot in the city?

Any where I can find high top walls . I am always location scouting for shoots ,for my clients and myself.

Photography:  @_UZPHOTOGRAPHY

Who is your all-time fashion icon?

Rihanna and stefney , an Australian fashion blogger @stefneyv

What never goes out of season?

Whoever you are , pleaseee get yourself a pair of all white sneakers you are gonna need them , any white sneaker. E.g the airforce1 in white

Photography:  @_UZPHOTOGRAPHY

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