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This week we are talking all things diet but before we do that let’s address the most common misconception:

Dieting is not depriving yourself of food!

Yes, you read right buddies. Dieting is for the body what a library is for the mind. Diets are what you take in and how you take it in. It’s that simple. The safest bet here much like everything else in life is conscious living. The more you are aware of your body and its needs the easier dieting is going to be for you.

Now that we’ve covered that let’s break down how you move to more conscious state in terms of diet.

  • What are your goals 
  • What is your budget
  • What allergies do you have
  • What do you enjoy?


Yes, these are all factors that play the biggest in my opinion when it comes to dieting.

Your goals are meant to be real sustainable goals that not just affect how you look, but also how you feel. Yes, that’s right. Most diets focus on how you are meant to look, but people rarely express how they intend to feel when going on a diet. And I get why. In a world that’s aesthetically driven it only makes sense that people want to fit in and have an easy conversation starter. However at what cost to your physical and mental wellbeing?

Having a budget is important because that way you can keep consistent. Drawing up a budget and knowing the different costs of the products you need and want can put you in a position where you know what you need to buy when going shopping. This will reduce a lot of the anxiety and help you stay disciplined. This is also a good tip for shopping in general.

In regard to allergies, well I don’t think any of us are trying to die.

Why is it important to include food you enjoy in your diet? This has doesn’t have much to do with the physical aspect of it, but a lot to do with what it does for your soul. Changing your diet can take a toll on your soul and it is vital that you keep certain elements of your old diet until your body is able to adapt. This is not necessary, but it is definitely what I advise.

I could go on and on about how certain things are supposed to feel and how much more efficient you’re supposed to be once you incorporate them into your diet, but the truth is like most of my advice in the columns that I write are individually driven and specific. Because the truth is we all react differently to different things.

So here’s the advice: 

Get your goal right 

Get your mind right

Get your life right.

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