As a small business owner you will quickly come across clients you wish you never met.

It’s either they waste your time, exploit you or are a lot of work when it’s time to pay up.

Today I’m here to tell you that sometimes or better yet some clients aren’t worth the stress.

Especially when…


Their demands don’t match how much their willing to spend

Sometimes I get clients who have such extreme demands but are quick to ask me for discount or tell me I’m too pricey.

Trust me when I say, every client who has asked me to bring down my fee has always been a difficult client. Always.

And I have almost always regretted taking them up as a client.


Your visions don’t align

I have had clients who have held my hand while I designed, figuratively. In the end the work looks nothing like something I would do. Before, I’d just send final artwork and NEVER claim that as my work. But now when I sense that a client merely wants to use my design tools and not necessarily my design knowledge, I know for a fact that we’ll have conflict and spend unnecessary time on getting to a creative understanding. This is when I’d respectfully inform them that I cannot carry out what they wish me to.

And fire them.

What about the money? Some of you may ask.

For me, honestly, money is not worth the stress of dealing with stressful people. Usually these people aren’t even paying enough for all that stress.

If I’m stressed out, I won’t be able to give my all on projects I do care about. So it’s a no from me.



You know, when you just know that something’s not going to work out? Sometimes it’s just in the way they speak to you, they are disrespectful when it comes to your time, your process or system, they don’t pay you on time but make unreasonable demands. The sooner you see the signs and listen to them the better, for your sanity.

I know money is what we are all chasing but our mental health and sanity should come first. Take care of that more than anything.

If a client is giving you hell but it isn’t worth it? Fire them.

If they are giving you hell but are paying great money for it, and you don’t want to lose that pay check? Get systems in place, hire an assistant, get the tools, whatever you may need to make your work easier.

That’s it from me today, till next time.

-Betty Sibeso

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