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What’s the real secret to losing fat?

 The secret is there is no secret. The best way to lose fat is through suitable diet and consistent hard work. The hard work being cardio training & HIIT. That’s only specific for fat loss, however if you want to lose some fat and increase muscle tone some weight training should be added.

I can’t afford gym or a trainer, what’s the best way I can stick to a fitness plan?

This question has two parts. Are you having trouble training because of not having a trainer & gym or are you having trouble sticking to a fitness plan/program.

If you’re having trouble training because you don’t have a trainer or you’re not signed to a gym what I recommend is that you evaluate what your goals are and how willing you are to achieving your goals. There is information available one just has to be willing to find it.

If you’re having trouble sticking to a fitness plan, then you have one question.

 – Is this program aligned with my fitness goals? If yes. Then you need to figure out how you’re going to pull it off. If that means you have to modify it, then that’s what you do( most good training programs have ways in which you can modify training to fit your level of fitness). 

– if no then ditch it and find one that is aligned with your goals.

Note: You have to commit to a program and try it out properly to determine if it works or not. This will have a lot to do with how you view progression.

Do you have any fitness advise for students with a busy school schedule

Well that really depends on what type of advice it is you’re seeking and what your definition of a busy schedule is. 

What’s your take on intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet on loosing weight?

When it comes to diet I generally recommend something different. Intermittent fasting is a great way to lose some weight and so is a ketogenic diet. However these two and any diet for that matter are very tricky. Reason being: diets are not necessarily just what you ingest physically. Diets are also about how you form associations with what you’re eating. If one is able to identify and understand what type associations they have with food it’s easier to determine the value of any diet for them. 

I struggle with staying consistent, especially when I don’t feel like it? Any advise?

This is a difficult one because there is no simple answer. However the most practical answer I’ve come up for myself yet, is that I have to evaluate my training against my needs physically and my wants physical & psychological. This allows me to identify at what level training is a priority to me. And as individuals we tend to get to our priorities. So basically, remember why you’re doing it. 

How do I train my brain to love/enjoy working out? Lol

(Lol) Once again no simple answer. Well, the thing is you should identify what you associate training with. In simpler terms, where is your focus currently? Is it on how difficult training is or is it on how training makes you feel? Or on the benefits that training gives you/or on the fact that you are able to train. Another misconception is that you’ll love/enjoy training everyday. This is not true.

Sometimes you’ll just have to be disciplined .

 How many times should one workout in a week to actually start seeing results? What’s acceptable?

Times, duration and frequency of training are all subjective & tied to goals. As is with the interpretations of results. 

Tips for people who want to gain weight? Do I HAVE to take supplements?

Not necessarily. Unless you have a medical condition there is nothing supplements can do for you that food cannot. The focus here should be on diet/rest and general lifestyle.

Will my muscles always pain after workouts?

Depends on the type of pain. And how long you’ve been training. The longer you train the more your muscles adapt to different types of movement. You as an individual also becomes stronger & thus you may build up a higher tolerance towards pain.

How do I get rid of flabby arms?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as spot fat reduction . However, one can incorporate a range of workouts into a program focused on weight loss that activate the arms and strengthen them. This comes with an improved muscle tone.

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