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Now that summer is finally here, we can finally share some of the trends that have been on our radar for some time now. 

We took some out to speak to the founder of Nthatuoa Crafts, Nthatuoa Makhapha.

The 26-year-old Law student at the University of Namibia found inspiration and drive to start her homemade crafts brand during the time she battled anxiety disorder.

During the process I realized how arts and crafts eased my mind and is actually a passion I’d love to pursue after my Law Degree.

The Nthatuoa Crafts name obviously comes from her first name duh! but there is something creative we love about how she has managed to brand it. We particularly love the detailing that goes into each unique bag. The colour choice for each yarn is deliberate and proves that she pays attention to what’s in season.

Nthatuoa Crafts is definitely a brand on its way to becoming a household name both here in Namibia, South Africa and her home country Lesotho.

Take a look at what we mean by being obsessed with her work below

Nthatuoa Crafts price range is between N$150 to N$600 and depends on what the customers request. In addition to her well-known crafts in bags, she makes a variety of products from decor, toys, gifts and fashion.

my target group is all groups.

When asked what her next steps for Nthatuoa Crafts were, this is what she had to say,

I’m working on owning my own chain of Crafts studios where I can build my brand and help growing small businesses to have a platform to sell their products in a physical store. I’d love to as well grow Nthatuoa as a brand internationally and serve as a compass and an inspiration to people who want to purse their gifts but afraid to take the first step.
and we stan!

Interested in ordering one of these bad boys?

head over to Nthatuoa Crafts Instagram page or email or 📞+27678898647 to orders your today.

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