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“Personal Code”

What is a personal code?

A personal code is the philosophy you have about life and the way you want to live it. You determine what defines you, the values you want to work toward and what you will base your decisions on. It takes dedication and hard work to adhere to your code.

The key words in the definition are:

Define – make up or establish the character or essence of something.

This is the first step because it is nearly impossible to work with anything that is not defined. The same with people. If individuals do not define who they are, they are more likely to be susceptible to influence. This is important because defining yourself allows you to define your goals. Those life goals and those training goals. When the conscious effort has not been made to define oneself and one’s goals individuals may fall pray to individuals or situation that may not necessarily be aligned with their goals. These include diets, training, trainers, training partners and ultimately lifestyle choices.

Values – principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life.

So the way we define things are reliant on the different values we attach to different things. As humans we have to attach meaning to everything in our lives and personally I think everything is important in life. It is a very conflicting experience when individuals hold values in life that don’t necessarily translate over into their behaviors. For example one may value health in a general sense , but they follow a lifestyle of binge drinking and different forms of violence. In such cases the decision that has to be made is that of deciding which is most important. The value system that comes with a healthy well balanced lifestyle or the one that comes with binge drinking and violence.

Decision – action or process of deciding something or of resolving a question.

Therefore almost poetically the next point in the definition of a personal code is decision making. Sometimes thought of as a simple process. Sometimes thought of as a complex process. The truth is it stems from defining and understanding yourself and the values that you hold highly. Now, with that said. Different versions of yourself exist just as much as you place high value on different things in life. The only question left is deciding which version of yourself is most in line with the things you value most. In that way you resolve questions of identity and values. Knowing this will set you up comfortably when starting any type of fitness journey.

For example. My name is Linus, I define myself through how I treat myself and the people around me. I value health a lot as defined by the WHO. Because I value health I made a decision five years ago to live life according to my personal 

Now to tie it all up in a beautiful bow we have to talk about the last point in the definition being:

Dedication – the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.

One has to tie one’s identity into whatever one does with commitment, passion, hard & smart work all governed by the other D word. The D word being discipline. There are many definitions to what discipline is, however they share one premise and that is that training and practice is to be done to have control over behavior. And if this article has done anything, but prove how lengthy it can be, it has proven that setting up a personal code is definitely how one moves closer to a disciplined life. That is definitely one of the ways you can stay committed.

When these key words are read in sequence they give a very clear indication of what it means to live by a code, but it’s not until you put it all into practice that you will truly begin to understand what you’ve read.

So go out there and live your philosophy,

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