I am sassy, street smart and feisty as hell.

I have my star sign to thank for that.

The idiosyncrasy of Scorpios are immeasurable, which may be why they are such adept investigators.

Olivia Pope’s Dad (Eli), in one Episode of the Fixer tells her that ‘’you have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have’’.

I have been exposed a bit to the scenario I will be dwelling on, so I reckon I am 101 % more tuned into it, and I see and hear so many women staring blindly at the truth, while the writing is evidently on the wall.

Therefore, today, I want to empower my fellow sisters regarding cheating:

I think cheating is inherent for men, and it is not personal, it is just a bad habit/societal cliché they are born into and has to follow through with to fit in. Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying it is okay, I am saying at some point in your life, it might happen to you.

I know, I know, I might be the only woman thinking like this out there. For them it is all about smashing and the more action, the better.  No feelings, no starry eyes, no I love yous, just plain smashing.

While as woman, we pick out the wedding china, after the first physical encounter.

We live in Africa, our African men has humungous sexual appetites, so it is impossible to please them at times.

The answer lies in your partner’s behavior, most of the time.

Red Flags to Look Out For:

– He uses cologne all of a sudden and never was so attuned to it, he most probably wants to impress someone else,

– He treasures his cell phone and it is close by all the time, or if his phone rings and he does not want to take the call in your presence,

– He hardly initiates some play time in the bedroom. He is coming home satisfied.

– He has a new wardrobe, or a new sense of style, and he was not much into it, or if he is spending more time investing in his appearance, like joining the gym, trying to be more active to look good,

– He constantly fights over nothing and the air is loaded most of the time, and the fights happen close to weekends, kaboom, so he can do whatever he want without wanting you to nag him to come home in the weekend.

-If he has energy for bedroom antics, and he is doing it like a more of foreign person, all new styles and flipping you around like some acrobat, and he has been all about the boring and easy in that department all this time. Someone has showed him new tricks.

-He hardly eats the meals you have prepared for him. Maybe she be cooking for your man,

-If he acts all insecure more than ever, he is up to no good most probably,

-If he comes home after work or whatever he does and he spends a few minutes in the parking lot/garage on his phone – he might be deleting conversations,

-This one is as old as the hills, but if he puts his phone on Flight Mode more than often when he is with you….. RED FLAG, how will you notice this? When his phone is always busy and now all of a sudden when he is with you it’s not, he be doing that doll,

-If he spends less and less time with you,

-If he spend more money out of the household/relationship budget and cannot account for it,

Of course you not going to notice these things, because you do not want to or you simply have lost touch with your partner or the entire world around you.

I am not saying all men do this, all I am saying is let us be more vigilant and stay in our present relationships and be less oblivious to our men and their needs.


As women, we are not entirely innocent, we normally take up the role of the seductress who provoke and go for other people’s partners, guns blazing.

Once again I am not saying cheating is cool, I am saying it can happen, the answer is to not take it personal, if it happens, it happens, you either walk away or you fight as hell for him, and you pull out all the stops and enroll for a pole dancing class.


And treat your man like the little boy he is who wants constant attention….


‘’Curvy Scorpio’’

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