As it gets colder our skin gets extremely compromised, with dryness and dehydration being the main factors.
We speak to Zionne Johr, a licensed and trained skin aesthetician, about skin care during the winter season. Find out why you need to pay more attention to your skin during winter.

Zionne is the founder and owner of Zionne Johr Skin Care Clinic in Windhoek and has been in the industry for almost 16 years.
My inspiration comes from my desire to help anyone and everyone in need of finding healthier routines and more effective solutions for improving their skin.
 Zionne answers a few questions for us in this helpful interview. 

How does winter effect the skin,what changes can occur?

Your skin interacts with the environment everyday. This includes daily weather, climate conditions, pollution, environmental toxins, and even man-made environments like air-conditioning and central heating. So when the seasons change from fall to winter, your skin notices since it’s the organ that interacts directly with the elements.

So, what happens below the surface?

During winter, the moisture barrier, also known as the Statum Corneum or skin barrier, is extremely fragile and likely to become compromised. This is due to the lack of moisture in the air. When humidity levels are low, skin is at risk of becoming becoming dehydrated  because there’s no water available in the atmosphere for skin to grab onto.
 Dryness and dehydration are some of the top concerns when it comes to winter skin, which makes sense since low humidity dries out skin. Coupled with the cold temperatures, that nip away at the skin’s surface, and winter skin becomes an issue.
Don’t keep the same routine, your skin needs help.
It can’t do this by itself that’s why topical treats are prescribed, so that your skin can adapt to the environment.

Is it necessary to change your skin care routine during the winter, and can one keep the same routine

Don’t go on autopilot with your skin care. If your skin looks good and feels comfortable, use a lighter night cream, when the barometer drops and your skin becomes drier, choose a richer formula.

What are some of the important ways to take care of your skin during winter?

Try and keep your facials up to date, if you’re on a good skin regime at home you can have a facial every second month, but having your aesthetician see you more regularly will keep your skin healthy, and also adaptable to the environment you put it in, assisting the skin and guiding the skin regularly will keep it shifting, it will help the desquamation process and having that regularly will help the skin abiding by your rules, you can be in charge of your skin, teaching the skin different ways to stay healthy, and glowing is possible in your own home if you just know how.
And that’s why I teach you about your own skin, we all have different skin, skin is not the same, routines need to be different.

What’s the one product everyone needs to keep/add to their routine?

Once again, if you know your skin you will know what to buy, I believe in keeping things simple and having your aesthetician as your best friend, once she recommends something it will be for your own good, and your skin’s. Also, we should not forget we are in Africa (Namibia), with the constant air conditioning, UV light (offices) and our sun…
I would say Sunscreen all day every day!

Any reccomend facials/Treatments?

Oh my goodness, the world of skincare has so many, but my favourite is the dermaplanePRO, which is a physical exfoliation of the skin. Very relaxing and your results are just ever lasting. Your skin just gets better and healthier, also glowing!
Results lasts up to 4-6 weeks (that’s also the time for your next facial), and having them regularly will reduce acne/pigmentation/uneven skin-tone/fine wrinkles and so much more!
My second favourite and my clients’ is the collagen INDUCTION therapy.
Think of it as getting your skin back to 2020. Results speak for itself.

What do I do at a skin consultation?

I teach, I teach my clients about their own skin. Knowing your skin and understanding your skin is KEY, it’s not just a consultation.
We first asses the skin, your diet, your lifestyle et cetera and then explore what you are using at home. Are you buying the right products? Are they even meant for your skin type? Do you know your skin condition?
Therefore I book at least 35min where we talk about your skin and your lifestyle.
Your skin should not control you, you are in charge of your skin.

Your favourite skin care mantra/quote?

Figuratively and physically love the skin you’re in.

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