We dedicated the month of March to Feminism.

We initiated dialogues on our social media from which we found out, there’s still a lot more work that needs to be done. A haunting finding was that people are afraid to be called feminists because “It’s not cool”. Men think feminists are angry and out to get them.

We all should be feminists, that’s what we were advocating for this month. So our March issue includes features on power women leading us onto the right path. We explore the feminist issue even more with a few thought pieces. We discuss feminist therapy. We recite poems.

Our cover is graced by four beautiful Namibian women who are taking great strides in their own paths. Showing us the sky is indeed the limit.

Melisa Poulton, Daphne Willbard, Rukee Kaakunga and Meriam Kaxuxwena are our March 2018 cover stars.

Shot by Tuva Wolf Studios

Hair and Make Up by Melvy Macky


Editor’s Pick

Disney’s Creative Journal


Power Woman: Oteya

Power Woman:  Rukee Kaakunga

Power Woman : Melisa Poulton

Power Woman: Meriam Kaxuxwena

My favorite thing about being a woman

Badass Warrior with Emily Kandanga

7 Things I’ve learned as a career women: Catherine Shipushu

New On Our Radar: Tai Esxclusive

Feminist therapy with Beauty Boois

Street Style Savvy: Charene Labuschagne

Upping your Gym Look


Behind the lens with Tuva Wolf

Namibian Women Lawyer Association

Women in Engineering with Prudence Shipandeni

Sage by Dee

Creative Entrepreneurship with Tanya Stroh

Shida’s Beauty Spa

Sharing Namibian LOVE stories with Ndeshi and Monika

Bloggers we love: Ros Limbo

Engineering Mavis: Who are you really?


What feminism looks like in a Afro-Futuristic Village with Masiyaleti Mbewe

What feminism means to me: Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja

What feminism means to me: Nesindano Namises

The Feminist Hair Cut

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