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This week we talk “Progress”.

Progress- development towards an improved or more advanced condition.

In regards to a fitness journey progress can be measured in many different ways. This can sometimes prove to be advantageous, but it can also lead to most individuals downfalls.

In regards to advantages. On a fitness journey, one can make so much progress in different directions at different speeds. Sometimes the progress in certain directions can likely even be unknown and sometimes this progression is needed for progression in another direction.

How that plays into being a disadvantage. This ties back to our article on goals. When an individual has a rigidly set goal and only focuses on one goal or aspect in their fitness journey, they may not be able to see progression in another aspect.

This inability to see a fitness journey in a wholistic sense often times discourages individuals and keeps them from reaching their goals. The sad part about it is it cannot be avoided.

There is no quick fix.

This is due to the fact that individuals are all different. In nearly every sense of the word. Therefore regardless of whether fitness journeys have a guideline as to how they may influence your life and/or body, your body will not react the same as any other individual. This can be scientifically proven beyond a sliver of doubt.

Bummer right? Actually no. Not really. Because now you know that you’re one in a million and that this race really isn’t about anything other than getting to know your body and how it reacts to certain influences.

So let’s bring it back to progress. What this information allows us to do is to be more conscious about how and what we see as progression. As highlighted in the beginning of this article progress has to do with development/advancement or improvements in condition. This does not say the type of progression nor does it say the extent to which the progress is made.

In conclusion, do not be too hard on yourself when trying to push to get to a certain level that you forget to appreciate the fact that you aren’t at the same level as when you started.

All concepts in fitness Buddy are fully developed by mind and body fitness. Therefore if there is ever need for clarification or assistance in incorporating these concepts into your life feel free to book a session. 

The goal isn’t the goal. The goal is understanding who we are getting to the goal.

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