By Rena Stephanus

A generation cut short, I am speaking of uncles, aunts and even elders whom are no longer in our presence because this generation was born into a system that saw them as less, the pigment that they possessed was a curse, if only they had straight hair, if maybe they turned red when their skin was kissed by the blazing African sun, maybe they would have been treated better. 

Listen, I am from a generation of men and women who were fighters, a generation who refused to be treated as less because of that very deep rooted black consciousness that ran through their veins.

A generation who refused to be told that they cannot sit on the same bench as the white man because of a system that leaked of  white supremacy, a generation that refused to see their kind being treated like machinery.

I am from a generation of men and women, who fought for the right to walk into a polling station and vote for people who are suitable to serve them. I am from a generation who fought for the right to vote.

Many young people do not realise the importance of voting, and why many people across the continent had to sacrifice their lives just because of the right of choice.

What we fail to understand is that people did not just fight to stand in queues and cast a vote, no!  The search for a better life is why people vote. When citizens vote they are given the opportunity to choose representatives in government, these representatives will be involved in developing and implementing various policies that will benefit the citizens.

This coming month various political parties will be battling it out to achieve and maintain their voters, through their various manifestos and social reforms. It is unfortunate that we do come across political parties who preach one thing and act differently.

 It is up to you as the voter to choose the candidate who you believe can deliver .

We come from a generation of men and women who fought for the right of choice and from us will come a generation that will benefit or be disadvantaged from the choices we make in the voting booth. 

Are you voting?

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