Hey buddy 

How are you doing today. Actually answer that. I’d like to know how you are and more so I want you to give some thought to how it is that you’re actually feeling.

Because that’s what you and I will be talking about today. Our article will be split into two parts. In one of the parts we are going to discuss emotions. In the second we will discuss moods. Before we get into it, it is important to note that the content within this article is inclusive, but not limited to the concepts and or ideologies that the content covers.

So without further ado.

Emotions: are short lived feelings that usually come from a known source. It is important to note that the source of 
these emotions are not always known. The ability for an individual to be aware about how they feel about certain 
things and or situations affects whether or not they understand their emotions.


Understanding this is important, because as individuals we may say one thing while we mean the exact opposite. This is usually easy to pick up through paying attention to ourselves when we say things. 

Our body language 

Verbal cues (tone) 

May tell the truth more than our mouths do. This is referred to as the affect.

A nice tip on emotions:

It is beneficial for us as individuals to know of and understand a range of different emotions. This allows individual to identify with more ease how they are feeling and also the intensity at which they feel that emotion.



Moods: Refer to emotional states. Moods are more commonly neutral. In other cases they are either positive or negative. 


These are usually less intense than emotions and their source is also more difficult to find. Personally this is how I like to put it. Your mood is the summation of how well you’ve dealt with your emotions.

I doubt I need to explain that, but just in case I do here’s why. So as per our definition of an emotion, it is clear to see that we would experience a range of different emotions from interacting within different situations and with individuals. This is normal. However where most fall short is at the next step. The ability to adequately interpret these emotions for what they may or may not mean to us. As these emotions linger on for some time without being felt to the fullest extent or avoided completely, it starts to shift the way we see things.

All this information begs these questions:

Why are you caught in such a negative mood. Better yet. Why aren’t you in the mood to train. Why aren’t you in the mood to go to work? Why aren’t you in the mood to face the day?

Well the answer is within the problem buddy, you need to learn how to deal with your emotions better. Now have some important conversations with yourself and start moving slowly towards the life you want to live. 

Here’s a quote that might help.


We all need two types of allowances daily.


  1. The allowance to understand and empathize with ourselves and other people
  2. The allowance we get to hold ourselves and other people accountable 


Both are important. Now check your pockets.



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