Hi everyone.

It’s been an interesting two weeks and I am starting to get a hang on releasing entries for my style journal spot here. I hope you are all doing great and that you are finding comfort in wearing whatever makes you happy.

Today’s entry is all about why mini handbags are a thing, at least I feel they are. 

I’ve had an obsession with mini versions of handbags for the longest time and as soon as designer Simon Porte (Jacquemus) showcased them at Paris Fashion Week I knew the fashion game just got a little more exciting.

If you really think about it, why would someone want to carry a bag that doesn’t actually hold anything?  Can you fit a pair of small earrings? A lipstick? Airpods maybe? A credit card? At this point, I really don’t care but to make this *FASHUN.

Mini handbags definitely make a statement and they are a show stopper. I have received comments about it on so many occasions.  I also believe that this is fashions’ way of telling us we should stop carrying so much stuff or how I like to say …

…I carry all my problems in this bag. Yes, they amount to this and I make sure of that.

I like this trend because it is easily Instagrammable, it is cute and sexy *aaaaand  it gives off such a clean finish look. This trend forces you to downsize your belongings to only essentials.

Here is a quote from Simon Porte, who said it way better than how I would have spent hours trying to explain why mini handbags are a thing- my thing.

 Things used to be simple and fun and about being present. I think we’re longing for simpler times and I think most people do look toward childhood for joy.

Here are some of the mini handbags I’ve collected over the years and I love them with all my being. What are some of yours?

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