Oh, yes. I’m back like I never left

Life has a funny way of switching shit up without you even noticing that it has been turned and I came to a realization that I’m pretty fucked at this point, imagine a whole 30 something independent-year-old still struggling with finding a guy to settle down with and kama under lockdown even, *huuu shem! 
I know you’ll especially my best friend keeps saying I should just stop looking for the right one because eventually, he will show up, right?. Lol, why does it always have to be the independent ones that struggle with shit like this, *ai nee, I’m so tired really.
Now you’ll need to understand something here, Tate Fire and I are not together like that, I mean yes we have that sexual chemistry by fucking when and wherever we want to and shit, yes he makes me smile, laugh and angry but that’s about it. Nothing more nothing less. Was I catching feelings at first, *uuuhm ‘YES I WAS’, did everything change when Mr. Marcel got into the picture ‘HELL YEAH PEOPLE’. I mean I’m human too right and me finding someone to settle down with, is kind of getting to me now.
Tate Fire had no right to get mad and call me names, *etse apparently I’m having a sexual something *aarrrrgg what was the word he used again, “VENEREAL”, *mxxm, what the fuck does that even mean. I had to google this word. Check *kama, aunt Google says Venereal means, “of or relating to sexual pleasure or indulgence”. *Mense, are you balanced yet? because I am not. Anyways this guy-Tate Fire, had the nerve to throw my favorite vase against the wall along with my wine glass that had the last drops of my favorite Bordeaux. Guys, this motherfucker got me fucked up, just because I decided to go on a full-blown dinner date with Mr. Marcel? I kept thinking, gosh, so many questions, oh wait does this mean he actually gives a shit about me *of wat gan hier an? 
I’m sitting at dinner with Mr. Marcel and replaying the scene in my head. Mr. Marcel says, Hello Fay!!? Are you going to order anytime else because the waiter is kind of waiting on you to finish, actually waiter, give us a few more minutes please, seems like the beautiful lady over here isn’t quite ready yet, he says. The waiter nodded and walked away.
Is everything ok my sweetheart? he utters.
You don’t seem, alright sweetheart, what’s wrong?
 Just when I was about to respond back, Tate Fire walks in the restaurant.
My face drops!

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