If there is one thing we love to see is local businesses emerging. What’s a better way to spend your money than on a proudly Namibian made product?  Supporting local brands not only motivates the individual/s behind it, it keeps their dreams alive too. Hallaback (HB) is a proudly Namibian brand that strives to cater the market with quality products at an affordable price.

Here are 4 Bags we want from HallaBack (HB) Bags

1. The Commuter

This definitely has to be our number one bag from HallaBack. This green color is not only relaxing but soothing to the eye. As we get ready to leave for post lockdown trips, this would be our go to bag to carry a laptop or work accessories.


2. The Mini Backpack

Convenient and portable, we are also loving these backpacks. They definitely give you all the freedom you need to move around freely. What could we possibly not rock this with? The range of colors from Hallaback makes it easy for us to choose from and style our outfits.


3. The Crossbody Bag

This crossbody bag from Hallaback is one we just MUST have. It’s the perfect bag to simply  run a few errands with, or throw on to go and grab coffee with friends. It is not too big, it is not too small, it’s the perfect size. The fact that it’s gender neutral gives it even more points. It’s a great replacement for the regular fanny pack as it has that sophisticated elegant look to it. Lastly, this black shade makes it easy to style with anything.

4. HB Classic Woman’s Handbag

Is anyone else doing the Y2K challenge? No? Okay. Because, we think this cute HB Bag would fit to that aesthetic.  It is giving us that 90s chic. Pu on a cute black bandage dress or a crop top and baggy jeans outfit, then throw on this bag? The vibes! Yes!


Are you loving these bags as much as we are? Which one is your fave?

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