Hey guys!
Welcome to the OshiSmoothie Relay series brought to you by Oshikandela and Monochrome Magazine.
We kick off the series with Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Penehafo Shindume of Happy Health.
This series features  four industry faves as they create their own smoothie recipes using Oshikandela. A new episode goes live EVERY SUNDAY, for the next few weeks on our Instagram and YouTube. 
Watch as Dr Shindume makes her own signature Oshikandela based smoothie in our very first OshiSmoothie Relay episode. 😍

How good is the smoothie? Who will she pass on to next? Tap play and enjoy the show!
Want to try out the smoothie? We’ve got the recipe right here:

Cinematography/DOP by Creative South (@creativvesouth)
Editing by Shili Munyama (@yamansnovember)
Directed by Jay Aeron (@jay_aeron)
Narrated by Linekela Inkono (@linekelainkono)
Produced by Betty Sibeso @bettysibeso

This production was proudly brought to you by Oshikandela Namibia

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