By Betty Sibeso

Retailers offer discounts on items associated with the season that’s about to end to make room for the new season’s items. If you play it right, you can get some items on your Wishlist and pay close to nothing.

I like to shop end of season sales for items that I wanted all winter but didn’t want to spend too much on. Especially at stores like Cotton On, Foschini, Woolworths… where items can be really costly.

Last end of winter sale I got my favourite winter coat at Cotton On for N$ 299 – Its original cost was N$ 999.  Bargain, I know! And today (after a year) it’s one of my favourite pieces in my closet and the quality is intact.

I’m in the process of clearing out my closet so this time I wanted to see if I could get new cool jackets, trousers and a few more basics for my new wardrobe.

I went to Cotton On and saw that they have a good range of stuff. From carpenter trousers, cargo pants and cool winter jackets. The trousers weren’t on sale but the jackets were. They have this cream “ugly dad jacket” that I need to go back for. I also saw graphic tees, quality hoodies, pattern y2k dresses that were in the sale section.

When I visited Factorie, they had similar items as Cotton On but I did end up buying carpenter jeans from them (they weren’t on sale though).

What I got on sale were these cute ribbed tops. If you know me you know I love crop tops and basic tops for the summer. To style under Over sized shirts or on their own.

I have bought a few from a different store and saw how quickly they get old, stretched out or develop lint. So I was in the market for quality ribbed basic tops and I found them in Factorie. They retailed for N$ 249 and I found them on sale for N$ 70. So I got two. And the quality guys? Feels amazing. 10/10 recommend.

They also have a cool range of crew necks and graphic tees on sale. The Crew Neck Sweaters are on sale for N$ 300 and the graphic tees N$ 150.

I got this one; a Bob Marley printed Tee.

I love end of season sales from stores who stock quality items. Because that means I will have the item for way longer than if I just buy it in stores who stock low quality versions of the same items.

Do you love EoS Sales as much as I do? Show me what bargain you scored…




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