By Hilma.L.Inkono

Here me out: It is 2022, covid-19 isn’t as daunting as it was when it first reached pandemic level, people are socializing again, and the prospects of meeting someone special are looking good. Then what?

What if you do meet someone you like, what if you master up the courage to ask them out or instead you get asked out, what do you say on a first date, so that it isn’t this awkward sit down with someone you’re interested in getting to know.

Let’s be honest though, dating culture isn’t a major concept in this digital age of ours. We have extensive access to people via social media and that’s the medium most people use to get to know each other. Slide into someone’s DM, send them a message on snapchat, perhaps email them a list of all your good qualities as a means to convince them that you’re worth the trouble, honestly the options are endless. If you manage to get their attention, and somehow manage to get past the talking stage then a first date is most likely in store, so here’s a list of things to ask your potential bae…


1. What do you love about yourself the most?

This question catches your date off-guard, they probably would’ve expected you to ask them something along the lines of “What do you like to do for fun?” or some other random question they don’t really care about, but this one forces them to do a little introspection on the spot and makes them feel like you value their opinion.

2. Are you single?

In this day and age, it’s honestly never safe to assume anything. “Is whk hierso.” This might seem like an obvious answer, but you’d be surprised sometimes and you could possibly get caught up in a love triangle, so there’s honestly nothing wrong with asking.

3. What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

You can learn quite a bit about someone via their interests. This will also allow you to figure out whether you have common interests and if you do, then its the perfect opportunity to bond and add onto the conversation.

4. Are you a drug dealer?

Now listen, I’m not one to judge, but what if he or she is? It is something to consider and that’s all I have to say.

5.What do you like about me thus far?

Now, this question will let you know if your date is attentive and a good listener. It will give you a gist as to whether they’re  actually feeling you or not and it is a perfect way to get them to compliment you.

So next time you’re going on a first date, try asking these questions. No need to write them down, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep them at the back of your mind. Good luck and remember to just be yourself.

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